Dale Hymes
I grew up in Maryland where I studied watercolors and photography, in addition to guitar building. Now I’m settled in Northern California I've taken on a stronger interest in scuba diving and underwater photography. I’ve also continued performing music with some fantastic artists.  Ten years ago, I joined the founding team of a software company here in Silicon Valley.
I primarily use Nikon professional digital SLR equipment with a Subal underwater housing. I'm always learning and will continue to try and bring my experiences to this website.
Name: Dale Hymes
Birthday: September, 1961
Status: Married, 28yrs
Kids: Son, 25
Raised: Annapolis, MD
Hometown: SF Bay Area, CA
Industry: High Tech
Occupation: Sr. Director
New Reading: The Looming Tower, America Alone, The Field, Lincoln, Shadow Divers, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
Movies: Unforgiven, Citizen Kain, Schindler’s List, Shawshank Redemption, Napolean Dynomite
Musicians: Victor Wooten, Thomas Dolby, Jaco Pastorius, Michael Manring, Mike Ault, Paul Reed Smith, Kevin Whisman, Scott Hymes, , Rebirth Brass Band, North Mississippi Allstars
Photo Gear: Nikon D2x, D70, Lots o’Nikkor Glass, Subal Underwater Housing, Sea&Sea Strobes, Macro and Wide-Angle Ports, Fish-Eye Focus Light, Mac Pro 8-way, 2TB of storage
Music Gear: Fender '64 Re-Issue Jazz, Fender '62 Re-Issue P-Bass, Lakland 55-94 bass, Conklin BD 7-String bass, Rick 4001 bass, Fender GL Jazz bass, NS CR5M Elec. Upright Bass, Danelectro guitar, Fender Bassman 300 w/Antique Tubes, Eden 4x10 Cab, MarkBass Combo, MarkBass MiniMark, Lots o’MIDI stuff
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